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Apr 2017
I'm Just a Child

When I was the age my girls are now, I went to church choir practice every week after school.  Surely, church choir is where my love of music began.  We learned music theory, we played different musical instruments, we played musical games, went on musical scavenger hunts, sang about freckles and invisible dogs and we learned to be worship leaders.  We worked hard to perfect the art of standing still on the risers and opening our mouths (3 fingertips wide) at precisely the right time. I remember lots of the songs I learned......

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Mar 2017
Welcome Pretzel Logistics!

On Sunday, our Church Board officially approved to begin using the Third Floor of the LA Tart Education Building for non-profits and small ministry-mission based organizations and businesses that serve the community.  Our first official “tenant” is Pretzel Logistics Yoga, owned and operated by Grace Church.  Grace will offer yoga classes throughout the week to folks all across our community. I firmly believe that our relationship with people like Grace and organizations like Pretzel Logistics is vital to ministry in this day and age. Yoga classes on the campus of Hood Memorial......

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