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Dec 2018
Draw Near to Justice, part 2

Read Luke 1:46-56   Reflect: God’s justice is different than our justice. It’s about making the world right!  Where do you see God’s justice being birthed this Christmas? in your life? in the lives of others? Reflect & Practice: “Jesus became light for our darkest decisions, peace for our self-centered wars, and love for our life-draining animosity towards others.”  How is this becoming true in your life this Christmas? Practice: Uses images and poems from this week’s bulletin and the Advent Guide this week in your devotional time to draw near to......

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Mar 2018
Remembering Luke

After reading the next five or so chapters of Luke, I am having lots of memories.  There have been some very familiar passages in Luke 9-14: the parable of the Good Samaritan, the sending of the 70, the Lord’s Prayer, the “do not worry” passage, the Pharisees testing Jesus, the light on the lampstand, Mary & Martha welcoming Jesus, etc. It is good to engage scriptures and to think about the stories that you are the most familiar with. Today, spend a little time reflecting on the scriptures in Luke that are......

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Mar 2017
Sacred Spaces

Are there specific places that are important to you?  Are there places where you faith has been shaped and developed? Is there a place you went as a young child or a camp that is meaningful to you? Is there a place that you like to return to you and revisit your memories of how you were shaped by God when you were younger?  Is there a sacred space in your life where you can find God and come back to your relationship with God?  Is there a quiet spot in your......

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