Tag: slow down

Jan 2018
The Spiritual Gift of Snow

Today I have had dozens of things I wanted to do: several folks I wanted to visit, phone calls to make, projects to check on, planning and prep to keep working on, an exciting small group time this evening, even building permit to pull for my pending home renovations. But the pause button has been pushed. And not by me. Mother Nature did it. Winter wonderlands and work schedules don’t go so well together in North Carolina. When it snow, as it has been doing for much of the day, most things......

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Feb 2017
On Second Thought

There are moments in life┬áthat cause us to stop and look upon something familiar as if for the first time. Parents prepares for the birth of a child for months and month. And yet the moment of the child’s birth causes parents to stop and ponder the miracle of life and mystery of love in a completely new way. A child goes to school day after day and is uninspired to learn until the moment he step foot into the classroom of a truly amazing teacher who brings learning to life in......

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