On Second Thought

On Second Thought

There are moments in life that cause us to stop and look upon something familiar as if for the first time.

Parents prepares for the birth of a child for months and month. And yet the moment of the child’s birth causes parents to stop and ponder the miracle of life and mystery of love in a completely new way.

A child goes to school day after day and is uninspired to learn until the moment he step foot into the classroom of a truly amazing teacher who brings learning to life in a way that no one else had ever done.  And all of a sudden, the child begins to love learning.

A wife journeys with her husband through cancer and after a long battle finds herself planning a funeral.  And in spite of knowing for months that the end was near, the beloved hymn “It Is Well” sung during the funeral is what finally brings her to tears of love, mourning, and thanksgiving.

Two estranged friends struggle to show one another mercy until one of them finally takes a first step forward with the words, “I care about you and how you are hurting.” And soon after forgiveness becomes possible.

These moments are happening everyday if we take the time to stop and pay attention.  Truly listening to someone can lead to new revelations.  Noticing the smallest action can unmask a hidden intention.  Giving someone the benefit of the doubt can opens one’s mind to an undisclosed motivation.  Even paying attention to ordinary things like the way sunlight illuminates something can sometimes cause a person to consider a new perspective.

In such moments, we are changed.  We see someone or something in a way we had not seen before. We stop ourselves from being driven by our first thought (which is often filled with bias).  And a second thoughte – a new perspective – is transformative.  It can change everything – our feelings, our actions, our relationships!

So, when life gets stale, difficult, draining, or tiring and you just need a change, try to slow down, stop and paying closer attention to the simple things around you.  You may just discover a fresh perspective that changes your thinking and transforms you into a better you.


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