Tag: Genesis

May 2018
Mother God

A father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad. The son is rushed to the hospital. just as he’s about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, “I can’t operate—that boy is my son!” Can you explain? . . . . . . If you haven’t yet figured it out, the surgeon is the boys MOTHER! If you didn’t get it at first (or if you end ahead before you really thought about it), then you are like most people who don’t get this right away......

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Jun 2017
Being Available

My family has a special call when a meal is ready and on the table. In a swooping, high-pitch voice, one of the ladies of the family will call out, “Whoop, whoop!” We all know that this is the signal that we are to stop whatever we are doing and make ourselves available to eat. A second call might be given if a family member does not show up promptly. Rarely is there a third call. Instead, either someone goes looking for the absent person or dinner just starts without that person.......

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Feb 2017
Choosing the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of my favorite images in the entire Bible.  It bookends the story of God.  In Genesis, the Tree of Life is planted in the idyllic Garden of Eden.  And in Revelation, it is found in the center of the River of Life within the New Jerusalem. So, it must be an important image for understanding God’s story. There are trees throughout scripture which remind us of the Tree of Life at the beginning and end of our sacred story.  Just a few examples include, the tree by......

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