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Feb 2018
Healing Touch

Touching someone’s life is powerful. Prayers, visits, phone calls, cards of encouragement, meals, sitting together, singing together, listening together…these all have tremendous power to bring healing into our lives. This is part of the message I shared on Sunday. And I threw some research and data at you all that showed exactly how powerful touching someone’s life within a community of faith can be. But numbers and research can be a bit overwhelming when it is just spoken. So, I want to share that with you again today in writing. Power of......

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Nov 2017
Passing Judgement

Have you ever seen one of those signs – “Repent! The end is near!” Makes you feel good, right? (Can you hear my sarcasm?) In truth, signs like this and people who espouse such views have already passed judgement on you before they even know you. They have decided for you that you are in error. It’s interesting to me how when many Christians speak of “the end” (or the “day of the Lord” or “the return of Christ”) they often jump quickly to judgementalism. Now, there are places in scripture that......

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Mar 2017
Affirming Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to… serve Christ through mutually supporting one another & embodying God’s grace and love for all We envision… a diverse church led by Christ to open its doors in love and service to all This coming Sunday, we will have a church-wide conference meeting directly after worship to vote on several items. Among those items is a final vote on our proposed Mission & Vision Statements. As we prepare for that vote on Sunday, I wanted to share a few thoughts on these statements. Our Mission is to… serve Christ......

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