Tag: gratitude

Nov 2017
Bless Your Heart (and I really mean that)

“Count your blessings” “A blessing in disguise” “Bless you” (after you have sneezed) “Bless your heart” These are just a few of the ways we use the word bless or blessing in our everyday conversations. I have a minister friend that served as a mentor to me in high school.  Jokingly, he shared a piece of advice with me one day that I will never forget.  He reminded me that in the south we have overused the phrase “Bless your heart” . We have sometimes gotten in a habit of saying it or sometimes we......

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Oct 2017
We Appreciate You

Dear Church Family, October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month, so as your pastors, we wanted to take time to appreciate each of you. We daily share with each other how we love the people that are a part of this church family and we wanted to share that love with you. Thank you for your daily love and support of our family. Thank you for hugging our girls each Sunday (sometimes three times). Thank you for holding the baby while we are in the middle of a conversation or needing to practice a......

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Apr 2017
Good Gratitude

One of the gifts of being a pastor is the invitation to walk with folks through the difficult times of life. Because of this gift, I get to hear how folks are dealing with tough situations. And I value every thought idea and word shared. They give me amazing insight into how we humans cope with life through both the good and not-so-good. Part of being a pastor who cares about folks journeying through difficult times is checking in on them. So, I often find myself asking a question like, “How are......

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