Prayer for the Peacemakers

Prayer for the Peacemakers

This evening, as our family drove home from dinner, we were greeted in Angier by a beautiful pink sunset.  Something about the carefully crafted colors that were woven together and blushed by the fluffy clouds was comforting.  There was something in this sunset that spoke “Peace, be still.”

I am a peacemaker.  And being a peacemaker is tough work.  I am reminded in these days following the Charlottesville conflict and after hearing about many brooding conflicts in our nation and around the world how important peacemaking is.  And…I have had conversations with church members this week that are in the middle of peacemaking in their own world.  Peacemaking is not easy!

Today, I offer a prayer for the peacemakers…

First, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Oh, Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider the beautiful pink sunset that greets the end to this day, I am reminded that you are peace.  And your peace surrounds us in nature, so we pause to learn from your creation.

Redeeming God, bless your children. Bless your peacemakers.  It is not easy work.  To be a peacemaker means we are in touch with the pain of others and realize the need for action.  It is heavy to watch those we love hurting.  It is often overwhelming and consuming to be creative and act peacefully.  And we often forget that being a presence of peace does not always mean fixing the problem.

Teach us how to be a presence of peace like You.  Show us how our presence with the hurting is creating space for peace.  Inspire creativity within us to handle conflict lovingly.

Lord, lighten the loads of your peacemakers.  Be their light to brighten the darkness.  Offer them glimpses of hope. Help them be kind to themselves.  Show them the way of peace when it is hard to identify. Grant them peace within themselves.  Keep them safe. May their work and their spirit be contagious.

Lord, give them rest!

Peacemakers are the children of God.  Their work is blessed.  Bless the peacemakers, O Lord.  As the pink sunset comforts us at the end of a long day, comfort your children.  This is our earnest prayer.  Amen.


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