Graduation Sunday

Graduation Sunday

This Sunday we will recognize our graduates during worship.  We will honor their accomplishments, pray for the next steps on their journey, and praise God for God’s presence in their lives.

We will honor those who have finished preschool and are making the big move into Kindergarten. We will recognize students who have finished Elementary and Middle School.  We will also honor our graduates from high school, college, and post-graduate programs.

We have started our list of graduates.  If you have anyone in your family to add who has reached one of these milestones, please share their name and accomplishments with us.  We need the names by Thursday afternoon.  Please call the church office 910-892-2711.

Join us on Sunday as we offer congratulations and blessings to these members of our church family and extended family.


Read Sunday’s Sermon – Belong: Why Me Means We

Outdoor Family Movie Night – This Friday at 7:30 pm

We will watch the new live action/computer animated comedy Peter Rabbit in a Drive-In style environment. You can watch from a lawn chair, a beach towel, or from the comfort of your car. Refreshments, drinks and music for dancing (especially for the kids!) at 7:30 and the movie will begin as soon as the sun begins to go down (shortly after 8pm).

Friday, June 1, 7:30 pm   (on the church lawn and parking lot);

**In case of rain, we will be in the Fellowship Hall.

Don’t Miss This – New Sunday Small Group Series – Half Truths

We will explore the truth behind common sayings, such as Everything Happens for a Reason, God’s Helps Those Who Helps Themselves, and Love the Sinner Hate the Sin. They sound Christian – like something you might find in the Bible. We’ve all heard them.  Maybe we’ve even said them. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways. Discover the whole truth by comparing Christian cliches with the wisdom found in Scripture.

Sunday Mornings from 10:00 – 10:30 am  (enjoy coffee and fellowship from 10:30 – 11:00 am)

Join a Short Term Task Force at Hood!

We are putting together a small team to create a plan to raise funds for several of our current and future projects at Hood, including:

  • Stained glass window renovation,
  • Organ repairs,
  • Electrical upgrades,
  • New hallway/nursery/parlor/office carpet installation
  • And more accessible steps to the sanctuary pulpit area.

This task force is short term and therefore will meet only a few times (2-3 meetings) to create a fundraising plan. We anticipate the first meeting to be held sometime the second or third week of June. Please contact Pastor Jason at the church office (910-892-1711) to join this task force.

This Week at Hood

Wednesday, May 30, 1:30 pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Wednesday, May 30, 6:00 pm – “Young-ish” Small group
Wednesday,May 30, 6:00 pm – No Choir practice
Thursday, May 31, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Pastor Jason at The Cellar for Drop-In Coffee & Conversation (108 N Wilson St)
Sunday, June 3, 11:00 am – Worship – Faces of Our Faith: Shiphrah and Puah (Exodus 1:8-22)


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