Hope That Will Not Let Go

Hope That Will Not Let Go

Prayer for This Week in Advent

Gracious God,
You paint a picture of a better world—
A world of peace and joy, of equality and grace.
But we turn our heads and close our eyes,
Afraid that you might want us to help.
You ask us to be brave, and we are complacent.
You ask us to speak out, but instead we stay quiet.
You ask us to listen, and we assume we are the experts.
You lead with love, and we wait on the sidelines.
Forgive us for always being ten steps behind you.
Forgive us for all the ways we are works in progress.
Fill our hearts with a hope that won’t let go.
Gratefully we pray,

Advent Calendar

We have given children and their families a very cool Advent Calendar to use through this season as we prepare for Christmas Day. We think you will enjoy it as well.

Yes, we are a few days late in getting this out via internet and email. But here it is! Just click the link below for a great activity-based Advent Calendar to help you prepare for Christmas this year!

Download What Can’t Wait Advent Calendar 2019

Holiday Turkeys and Food Boxes

Last year, we began serving Holiday Food Boxes through the Dunn United Ministerial Association Food Pantry in order to partner with other churches in our community. While we used to do food boxes on our own, working with other churches enables us to (1) provide more food boxes to more people, (2) work in unity with other Christians, and (3) support DUMA!

Todd Snyder, our DUMA Food Pantry Director, has asked for our support again. This year, in an effort to better serve folks, we will be able to offer several options with the Food Boxes: Turkey OR Ham OR Pork Loin. As most of us have options when we go to the grocery store, we will now be able to empower those in need by offering them some choice that can best meet their family and health needs!

So, I am asking for you to contribute monetarily this year. Why money instead of actual food? Well, because we can buy more with less by partnering financially with the Food Pantry. Buying from the Food Bank allows us to buy far more food than if we simply purchased from the grocery store. So, by donating financially we can feed more people as we work together with other Christians!

To contribute to our Holiday Food Boxes, you can:

  1. Give Online (select Holiday Food Boxes in the Fund List)
  2. Check via mail or in Sunday offering (write Holiday Food Boxes in the memo)
  3. Cash via mail or Sunday offering (place in an envelop marked Holiday Food Boxes)
Donate Now Online

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This Week:

Wednesday, December 4 – 1:30pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Wednesday, December 4 – 6:30pm – Choir Practice
Thursday, December 5 – 1:00pm-3:00pm – Drop-In Coffee & Conversation Pastor Jason at Inspirational Grounds (1208 N. Ellis Ave.)
Thursday, December 5 – 3:00pm – Ladles of Love Meal Preparation & Delivery
Sunday, December 8 – 9:00am – Church Cabinet Meeting
Sunday, December 8 – 11:00 am – Advent Worship
Sunday, December 8 – 3:00 pm- Children’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, December 15 – 11:00 am- Christmas Choir Cantata
Sunday, December 15 – 12 noon –  Church-Wide Christmas Party Luncheon


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